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Driving School

Driver's Education 
Driver's Training

Course Requirements:

  • If you do not have already have a permit, you must get one before attending or enrolling for Driver’s Training class. There are two ways of obtaining a Driver’s permit:

    • If you are between the ages of 15 to 17 ½, you need to complete the 30 hours Driver’s Education before you go to DMV and take the written test. After you have your certificate and pass your written test, DMV will issue your Driver’s Permit.

    • If you are 17 ½ or older, you may go straight to the DMV and directly take the written test without going through the Driver’s Education Course.

      Actual Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons

  • For teens, ages 15 to 17 ½, you must complete at least 6 hours of Driver’s Training in order to get a Completion of Driver’s Training Certificate (orange slip).

  • For adults, 18 and older, you must complete at least two hours minimum.

  • We provide free pick up and free drop off from/at school or home within areas of service to insure the safety of our students.

  • Our cars are equipped with dual control brakes and are insured with full liability coverage plan; which is a requirement from the Department of Motor Vehicles

  • ​Students are welcome to use our car along with our instructor for the DMV Road Test, at an additional fee. 

Driver's Safety

The Driving Safety program may help you reinstate your driver's license if it has been suspended due to unsafe driving habits or if you received many moving violation tickets. This course is to correct your unsafe driving habits and learn more regulations on the road. Once you enroll in this program, we will help you get a special permit from the Driving Safety Department and set up a driver training appointment. When you successfully complete a driver's training program, we will contact the Driving Safety Department to schedule a safety driving test for you.

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